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Hey everyone and welcome to gone_country! This community is for all country music fans to share information and the latest news on their favorite artists, along with media such as AIM or LJ icons, desktops, or lyrics. Feel free to post whatever you like, just keep it within the rules:

1. No explicit language (including racist remarks) or pictures will be allowed.

2. Respect everyone's opinions... just because you may like Kenny Chesney more than Keith Urban doesn't mean everyone else does ;) Anyone refusing to respect someone else may be banned by one of the moderators.

3. If you're taking an icon that a member has posted, please credit them in your keywords and leave a comment saying which icon you chose to take.

4. Be polite and post large images (or groups of images, such as icons) behind the lj-cut, which is < lj-cut text="text" > image < /lj-cut >. Just take out the spaces and that's it!

Please post any kind of graphics that you would like to share... this community depends on participation and we want everyone to enjoy it. If you have any questions, just contact one of the maintainers of the community through the group email or their userinfo. Thanks!

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